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    Intumescent Fire Rated Paint Sydney

    Why Do We Need Fire Rated Paint For Buildings?
    Since steel is a highly versatile and strong substance, increasingly modernbuildings in Australia have a steel backbone. However, unprotected steel cannot withstand the heat from a fire, and an unprotected steel building can collapse in the event of a fire if temperatures exceed 300 C. That is why you need a protective layer that insulates the structural steel of the building from fire. Fire-rated paint on structural steel acts as a protective barrier between the heat and the steel, thereby offering fire protection to the building for a duration of close to 120 minutes. During this period, firefighters can get the fire under control, and the damage to the building can be minimised. Pro Plaster N Paint is a fully authorised applicator of fire-rated paints of all kinds to commercial, residential, and industrial building structures.
    Some of the characteristics of fire-resistant paints that we apply are:
    • Durable Protection – Our experts have been using fire-rated paints for numerous years and hence know the art of properly applying the paint on vari ous substrates that help the protective paint to last for decades together.
    • Fire Protection – We use fire-rated paint approved by all regulatory authorities conforming to all Australian standards to offer fire protection for as long as 120 minutes.
    • Suitability for various substrates – We are well-equipped to apply fire rated paints for substrates including wood, structural steel, concrete, plastic, and so on.
    We decide the type, thickness, and application method depending on not only the substrate but also the height of the building, the risk factor involved with the building, and the type of the building under consideration (residential or non-residential).
    Types of Fire Rated Paints:
    1. Fire retardant paint – This type of paint on burning releases a flame extinguishing or flame damping gas that reduces the oxygen levels near the fire, thereby preventing further spread of the fire.Such paint is more suitable for wooden substrates. 2. Intumescent paint – Such paint swells when heated to temperatures of around 200 C, forming a solid-like charred layer that prevents further spread of fire for some time. Pro Plaster N Paint provides a complete fire protection solution for your buildings by applying both these types of paints together. We are adept at handling and using both these types of Fire Rated Paints. Pro Plaster N Paint is one of the few certified painting companies having immense knowledge of fire-resistant paint for plasterboard. We make sure to use only top-notch quality fire paints and materials for optimum fire resistance. Based on the fire resistance level requirements, our team of experts suggests the best fire-rated paint exceptional in quality and industry standards.
    Benefits of Fire-resistant paint for plasterboard
    Fire-resistant paint for plasterboard helps to reduce the spread of fire in buildings or commercial premises. It is one of the best and cost-effective ways of controlling the rapid spread of fire. It works well on ceilings and walls of varied thickness. It is one of the best solutions to suffice the need for fire rating for plasterboards. In case of a fire breakout, the fire-rated paint protects the insulations and integrity of the plasterboard. Pro Plaster N Paint is one of the leading suppliers of fire-resistant paints for plasterboard and fire-rated paints. We are known for our attention to detail and superior quality Australian products. Pro Plaster and Paint is a fully licensed and authorized applicator for cap coatings. Cap Coatings intumescent paint can also known by people in Sydney, as fire resistant paint, fire paint, fire retardant paint, fire rated paint, and intumescent coating. This paint in the event of a fire expands to become an insulating char that thickens to in some cases up to 100mm and offers greater protection of the underlying substrate underneath. Our system has been tested and approved as an intumescent paint, which can help turn a normally-constructed ceiling into what regulators refer to as a 1.5 to 2-hour ceiling, using fire rated paint. Sydney businesses are required to use this type of coating in most situations, and as a legal requirement, must also use approved applicators to ensure regulatory compliance with Australian standards.

    Fire Resistant Paint For Plasterboard

    We work with STRATA throughout Sydney to achieve fire rating compliance for council audits, specifically for commercial, industrial and mining industries, though we can also provide assistance for domestic households. Pro Plaster and Paint are a notified body, and our skills and experience regularly help our clients to identify the tests they need to meet regulatory requirements. We strive to ensure our clients peace of mind and it is of paramount importance that your business meets all safety precautions in the aspects of fire danger. In planning for office fit outs or other interior work, we also have to keep in mind regulations regarding the floor plan and layout. For example, purpose buildings in Australia must be constructed to ensure fire separation between areas of the building or office units. To meet regulations there must be fire Resistant rated doors and frames, fire rated walls, ceilings as well as Fire resistant plasterboard. Fire rating depends on several factors, including the materials used in construction as well as the type of paint and coating that is applied. The floor plan is also critical, as exits must be reachable within twenty meters at all places. Other services we offer include the construction of fire doors, ceilings, and walls. We can carry out fire resistance assessments and when required action corrective procedures to minimise the risk of fire danger. While there are many rules and regulations for businesses to follow, for most situations these can be met without undue burden or overly excessive cost. The key to staying within budget and up to code is to ensure that the facility is well-planned before construction begins. Before you begin a fit-out or renovation, please give us a call. We are ready and willing to talk you through the requirements and the processes involved. If you have concerns or would like us to carry out a fire rating check for your business, please
    Call us on 1300 889 209 or alternatively, email us at for professional plastering consultation.
    What types of industrial fire rating products and services are available?
    A variety of commercial and industrial fire resistant paints are available for plasterboard, Cap Coatings intumescent paint is supplied across Sydney and must be installed by a Cap Coatings approved applicator. Other services we provide include the construction of, ceilings, fire doors, and walls. We can undertake fire resistance assessments and when needed action corrective procedures to minimise the risk of fire danger.
    Is fire retardant paint effective in stopping fires spreading?
    Yes, when a particular temperature is reached the fire rated paint becomes an insulating char that thickens to in some cases up to 100mm and offers better safety of the underlying substrate underneath. We can help turn a normally constructed ceiling into what regulators refer to as a 1.0 to 1.5-hour ceiling by using Intumescent fire rated paint.
    Will my project be completed on time and within budget?
    Our priority is customer satisfaction over and over. This can be achieved only through the timely completion of the project within the given budget. Our experience and professional approach ensure completion on the scheduled date. We consider in minute details the budget and offer the best possible options that fulfills the needs of the customer in the best possible way in Sydney.
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