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Intumescent Fire Rated Paint Sydney

Pro Plaster and Paint is a fully licensed and authorized applicator for cap coatings. Cap Coatings intumescent paint can also known by people in Sydney, as fire resistant paint, fire paint, fire retardant paint, fire rated paint and intumescent coating. This paint in the event of a fire expands to become an insulating char that thickens to in some cases up to 100mm and offers greater protection of the underlying substrate underneath.

Our system has been tested and approved as an intumescent paint, which can help turn a normally-constructed ceiling into what regulators refer to as a 1.5 to 2-hour ceiling, using fire rated paint. Sydney businesses are required to use this type of coating in most situations, and as a legal requirement, must also use approved applicators to ensure regulatory compliance with Australian standards.


We work with STRATA throughout Sydney to achieve fire rating compliance for council audits, specifically for commercial, industrial and mining industries, though we can also provide assistance for domestic households. Pro Plaster and Paint are a notified body, and our skills and experience regularly help our clients to identify the tests they need to meet regulatory requirements. We strive to ensure our clients peace of mind and it is of paramount importance that your business meets all safety precautions in the aspects of fire danger.

In planning for office fit outs or other interior work, we also have to keep in mind regulations regarding the floor plan and layout. For example, purpose buildings in Australia must be constructed to ensure fire separation between areas of the building or office units. To meet regulations there must be fire Resistant rated doors and frames, fire rated walls, ceilings as well as Fire resistant plasterboard. Fire rating depends on a number of factors, including the materials used in construction as well as the type of paint and coating that is applied. The floor plan is also critical, as exits must be reachable within twenty meters at all places.

Other services we offer include the construction of fire doors, ceilings and walls. We can carry out fire resistance assessments and when required action corrective procedures to minimise the risk of fire danger.

While there are many rules and regulations for businesses to follow, for most situations these can be met without undue burden or overly excessive cost. The key to staying within budget and up to code is to ensure that the facility is well-planned before construction begins. Before you begin a fit out or renovation, please give us a call. We are ready and willing to talk you through the requirements and the processes involved.

If you have concerns or would like us to carry out a fire rating check for your business, please